Deblogracy Internet Webmerica

Yesterday’s Talk of the Nation featured an internet-besotted booster named Don Tapscott, author of the unpoetically named “Wikinomics.” Tapscott has never met an internet gewgaw he didn’t like. I’m sure he doesn’t read blogs anymore because they’re sooo two-hours-ago.

I’m used to his breathless, “Everything Two Point Oh” ilk, and he’s right about a lot of things, but one thing he said struck me as a bit over the top. He seems to think email is ancient technology practically lost to history. He said it was pretty much limited in use to sending thank you notes to your grandparents. He actually said that. I imagine it was to heighten his perceived hipness factor, akin to Wired magazine’s “Tired” rating.

Now, I know most kids today are just not physically capable of putting pen to paper due to repetitive stress injuries sustained while texting “LOL” 4500 times per day, but to characterize email as the medium of choice for expressing sincere gratitude is really a bit much.

I guess in the future grandparents will be expected to search through blog or twitter posts to see if any thanking has occurred.

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